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  • XBubbles 1.3.1
    Japanese Localization.
  • XBubbles 1.3
    Fixed bugs preventing XBubbles from running on MacOS X Tiger. Added “Gygantic” game field size (20 by 20).
  • XBubbles 1.2
    By numerous request minimum number of new balls is set to 3 instead of 5 and “Huge” game field size (15 by 15) was added. Minor performance improvements.
  • XBubbles 1.1
    Fixed disturbing problem when XBubbles v1.0 sometimes hung in the very end of the game. Public score table now shows date of the score entries where available. Minor performance improvements.
  • XBubbles 1.0
    Native MacOS X version, first release.
  • Bubbles 1.3.1 (Japanese)
    There aren’t any extra functionality or bug fixing. This version is identical to Bubbles 1.3. Only few small modifications were made for localization.
  • Bubbles 1.3 
    This is the last version which will run on classic MacOS. Future development of Bubbles was discontinued. XBubbles is a successor game.      

    • The translucent image shows which ball has been dragging now.
    • The score table contains records for this game field only.
    • ‘Restart’ game button was added to the tool window. It allows you restart the current game.
    • You can specify the timeout for a turn. When time’s up and you didn’t make a step new set of balls will appear.
    • Now, you can create your own game fields with “GameField Manager”!
    • You can open the URLs within AboutBox by “Command+Click” with your default browser/mailer.
    • Balloon help is supported.
  • Bubbles 1.2
    • The color drag has been supported.
    • GUI of the tool window has been improved.
    • You can remove all players with score less than you specified from the score table.
    • Bubbles will not disturb you any more with alert about low monitor resolution.
    • Automatical switch to high resolution mode (if any) is available now.
    • With this version of game you can participate in Word Wide Bubbles Competition.
  • Bubbles 1.0.1
    • Few cosmetic changes.
    • QuickTime is not neccesary now.
  • Bubbles 1.0 – first release.
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  1. lise
    Jan 03, 2015 @ 23:01:32

    Je voudrais savoir si le jeu XBubbles existe encore sur le mac , c’est vraiment le seul jeux que j’aimais . Je fesais le jeux en boucle a répétition et je ne me tannais pas et je voudrais le retrouver pour mes vieux jours . ce serais mon passe temps idéal . j’aimerais qu’il n’est pas de fin , car j’ai déjà atteint 1000000000de balles


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