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XBubbles is simple logic game. The rules of this game are easy. Every turn five balls of eight different kinds appear on the game field at random. Each turn you can move one ball to any free position but ball can not jump over another one. Your task is to assemble five or more similar balls in a line in any direction. When you put the last ball in the line all balls in that line will disappear and you get a free turn. The score reflects your bonus, it’s calculated by a complex rule, taking in account number of turn’s you passed, number of extra balls in completed line and so on. When MacOSX was released I rewrote Bubbles in Cocoa and gave it a slightly different name: XBubbles. Any further development of Bubbles was discontinued. Your Bubbles registration code is valid for XBubbles.

Public Score Table

Public Score Table is shared between all registered playes of XBubbles. Click “Enable Connection With Public Score Table” check box in XBubbles preferences to enter in the competition. You need an access to Internet for this feature to work. Once enabled Public Score Table will always display up to date information and your best scores will be automatically registered. No any personal information will be transfered (only your score, registration code and name you’ve entered in the “Game Over” dialog are required). You can disable connection with public score table anytime you like.

Screen Shots

Hints and Tips

  • You can use “Clear table” button on the tool window to remove all records with score less than you specified from the score table and use ‘Restart’ button to restart current game.
  • With XBubbles 1.3 you can create your own game fields using “GameField Manager”! Note, this is available for registered users only.
  • You can increase the number of balls which will appear every turn using the popup menu in the tool window.
  • Move the ball to outside of the game window and release mouse button if you want to interrupt the moving of that ball and choose another one.
  • You can specify the timeout for a turn. When time is up and you didn’t make a step new set of balls will appear. So, think faster!
  • “Public” score table is shared between all registered users of XBubbles. Your computer has to be on-line for this feature to work.

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